Vapor & Polvo Vol I

by Organic Acoustic Netlabel

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Each artist in this compilation belongs to a different culture. The richness, texture and color of their sound is the difference and yet the complement. Each artist is also a favorite. This compilation includes the participation of musicians who have been our inspiration for a long time. Our gratitude and appreciation for each one of them, along with pride to have them with us.

Cada artista en esta recopilación pertenece a una cultura diferente. La riqueza, textura y color de su sonido es la diferencia y, sin embargo el complemento. Cada artista es también un favorito. Esta compilación incluye la participación de músicos que han sido nuestra inspiración durante mucho tiempo. Nuestra gratitud y reconocimiento para cada uno de ellos, junto con el orgullo de tenerlos con nosotros.

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released 09 April 2012
Music by Hidekazu Wakabayashi , Daniv Veryana , Kengo Yonemura , Andras Kiss , Susanne Hafenscher , Ed Plenderleith and B Lone Engines

Cover Art powered by Shinko Dateki, Nagasaki , Japan

Produced by Gonzalo de Lara Yañez
Master by Atrio Serenade
Organic Acoustic 2012
Santiago , Chile




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Track Name: Hidekazu Wakabayashi - Farewells in the Silver Afternoon
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Track Name: Daniva Danive - Off There
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Track Name: Daniva Danive - Off Places
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Track Name: Indo - Indo- 4 at Night
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Track Name: MaCu - Red
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Track Name: Syrinx - Visions
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Track Name: B. Lone Engines - Blownivan
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